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last Christmas, I posted my nudes
but the very next day you gave them away.
this year, to save me from tears,,
I posted them on my lewd alt

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nude, post-shower, foggy mirror, lewder 

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lewd image, intense ec, boosts okay 

[rap voice]
throwin hundreds around, cuz my wallet fat
call my dick Turbellaria, cuz that worm is flat

LOTS of tummy, kinda lewd, boosts okay 

lewd tmi 

the sub/dom top/bottom alignment chart is very slightly tilted towards sub bottom and im a little marble. i can be anywhere on the square but I'll always slowly roll to my place

nude, video, watch out :boost_ok: 

lewd pic of me, genitals 

lewd nude, shower selfie, ec 

just the lewdest possible post, sex 

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