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REMINDER: Do Not follow req this account if you are under 18! If your age isn't in your bio/I don't know how old you are I will not approve your request! And if we've never interacted, I won't approve your request! I'm trying to create a safe environment here!!

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Partial commission info 

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Hey all my followers please make sure you know this is my lewd alt! Follow my main @umalkosh


d/S kink 

evolution: *spent millions and millions of years slowly adapting so humans can give live birth*

horny fuckers: "i wanna go back to laying eggs"

nsfw, boosts ok! 

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any kobolds want to join my hoard- i mean, my crew ?

collar selfie, no ec no nudity 

hypno, d/s kink 


there are sexy people on this websight

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zone to contain lewdness