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REMINDER: Do Not follow req this account if you are under 18! If your age isn't in your bio/I don't know how old you are I will not approve your request! And if we've never interacted, I won't approve your request! I'm trying to create a safe environment here!!

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Hey all my followers please make sure you know this is my lewd alt! Follow my main @umalkosh



Teacher "fat pussy is a myth its not real"

Me (brave): no. fat pussy Exists .

*jeff foxworthy voice*

if your BOOBS grow up to TWICE their SIZE when you get turned on...

you might be a bimbo

gross, anatomically incorrect, lewd 

hypersexuality, lewd ment 

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broken: joking about testicles
awoken: jokes about boobs

vaginas aren't sexual organs because I find them scary and gross

clitoris? oh! you mean the darker raised nub in the middle of the breast

this is a boobs biology misinformation account now

know how embarrassing it is when your boobies double in size while talking to that cute guy... 😳

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