"Sleepy" Part 1

Duria begins to move in with Treon, Daiki, and Emelia, the consensus being that she'd share a room with Emma rather than have three people share one room, even if Treon and Daiki have the bigger bed.That night, Duria's shifting in her sleep wakes Emma.

No, Emma isn't going to be a creep.

CW nudity (full, wet), affection

"Sleepy" Part 2

I could explain why Duria is acting this way, but I think I won't.

CW half asleep sex, nudity (full, erect), affection, momentary moral quandary, petplay kink

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"Sleepy" Part 3

Still sleepy but definitely awake. Not terribly prepared, though.

(CW affection, nudity (full, erect, wet), sex, body fluids)

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"Sleepy" Part 4

Clearing up a few vitally important details, or starting to.

CW nudity (full, erect), affection, sex, mention of violent death, some miscommunication

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"Sleepy" Part 5

Now it's all been cleared up...except for why Duria was a "good dog" when she was half asleep.

CW reproduction talk, sex, nudity (full, erect)

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"Sleepy" Part 6, final panel

Emma would have gone with, but Duria was very quick to get dressed and didn't stop to wait for Emma to catch up.

CW beverage, kink D/s mention

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