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lewd self-pic, public nudity 

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Three months at home and my biggest accomplishment is a five-step plan to hug the big fluffy dog down the street.

Pushing papers off my countertop and shouting I'm a cat.

shark cutery boards (a board full of cute sharks)

In this year's Invisible Man, a traumatized Elisabeth Moss has to steel herself for days before she can walk as far as the mailbox.

I only got as far as my mailbox today but it was just because of too much work. Still not a good feeling!

sappy subtoot 


I love how bold the birds in my neighborhood have gotten over the past weeks and can’t wait for them to peck out my eyes. Birds are cute!

yuck. really gross 

Dreamed of an empty college campus which means nobody tried to incept me. :(

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Spending the night in my dreams hope to see you up there. 💕 😴

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