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lewd self-pic, public nudity 

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ME LAST WEEK: Hmmm, I think I should rewatch Hannibal. *buys blu-rays online; waits*
MY MUTUALS THIS WEEK: Hey, let’s start a Hannibal rewatch! *watches, completes season 1*
ME: *waits*

Trapped in a hate thread about Ghost in the Shell but I love it I want to hug a tachikoma and cry. 😭

This may not be "politically correct" but I will NEVER say the shortened form of "web seminar."

I guess only a half hour of Nyan Waits because I have to join an after-hours web seminar. •_____•

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evil mastodon instance where instead of a timeline it's a crimeline

Fluoridating the water supply = 👍
Bimbofying the water supply = 👍👍👍 drink up

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zone to contain lewdness